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Minor In Possession

This assessment is for individuals under the age of 21 who are caught in possession of alcohol or other illegal substances. Positive Pathways has professionals who can provide a drug and alcohol assessment via video meeting or in person. This assessment is usually a part of a juvenile diversion program. Juvenile diversion programs are based on the theory that processing certain youth through the juvenile justice system would do more harm than good. Juvenile diversion programs have many advantages while identifying appropriate education or treatment to prevent further maladaptive behaviors.


First, you will complete an online questionnaire. Next, you will meet with one of our professionals via video meeting or in-person for a 60-90 minute interview. 


The goal of the evaluation is to provide recommendations to the individual or court, and any necessary follow-up care for the individual. It is important to note that these evaluations are not intended to determine guilt or innocence in a legal sense, but rather to inform future actions and recommendations for appropriate level or care, if needed.


This assessment can be completed on any weekday through video meeting or in-person. Assessments are available by appointment only. The standard turn-around time for a Minor In Possession assessment is 3-5 business days. If you are in need of the evaluation paperwork the same-day, the evaluation is subject to a $50 rush fee. A rushed evaluation can only be completed if all required documentation is brought to the appointment

What to Bring

  • State Identification/DMV Identification

  • Police Report or any supporting documentation

We are here to help you through you assessment process. Fill out the form below and we will contact you and start your process.

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