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Anger Management

Positive Pathways offers Anger Management Assessments that may be voluntary, court-ordered, or requested by employers. Our professional evaluators are non-judgmental and will assist with identifying how you manage anger, stress and frustrations.

Substance Use 
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Positive Pathways offers Substance Use Assessments that may be voluntary, court-ordered or requested by employers.

We provide professional drug and alcohol assessments over video meeting and in person. 

Minor In Possession
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This assessment is for individuals under the age of 21 who are caught in possession of alcohol or other illegal substances. Positive Pathways has professionals who can provide a drug and alcohol assessment via video meeting or in person.

DOT-SAP Assessment
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Positive Pathways regularly provides SAP Assessments to merchant seaman, truck drivers, heavy equipment operators and others who are employed in safety sensitive positions for FAA, FTA, PHSA, USCG & FMCSA. IN accordance with DOT regulations, our SAP evaluations result in recommendations for educations, treatment, follow up testing and aftercare so you can return to duty as soon as safely possible.

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