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Anger Management Class

We understand that, while you may not have an anger problem, you might need to learn new ways of managing your anger. Anger is a natural emotion. Learn responsible ways of better managing and controlling anger-related problems that occur in life. Emotional intelligence describes the ability to understand one’s feelings and how these emotions can influence motivation and behavior.

(Critical Thinking/Emotional Intelligence)


 Anger may be caused by interpersonal disagreements, feelings of deceit or disappointment. It may also be caused by intrapersonal feelings of unmet expectations, discouragement, or unattained goals/desires. Anger could be caused by societal factors, such as being impacted by community changes, financial responsibilities, or unfavorable distractions. Anger management is not just about controlling anger.

In This Course, You Will...

  • Build self-awareness of physiological responses

  • Understand why you get so angry

  • Learn to recognize your anger triggers

  • Learn how to manage stress

  • Discover constructive ways to express how you feel

  • Learn appropriate communication skills

  • Accountability – understanding and accepting the consequences

  • And much more


  • One hour individual intake/orientation session

  • Seven 1.0 hour group sessions

We offer individual sessions for clients who prefer to work on an individual basis.

This is a self pay service.

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